How to post an add

How to post an add or listing with picture:

Step 1 : First create an account or signup free of cost with us by clicking on sign in option on top right. Set the username and password of your account.

Step 2 : Than login into your account. Select title like backhoe, excavator etc.. Fill in all details like category, country, state, your address and contact information,upload photo, mark area on map, Quote genuine price and submit select free add option and submit again.

Step 3 : Go to your dashboard option on top right. Click on dashboard button. Check complete details of your listings/add and than press the button publish. Your add will be published in few hours.

Step 4 : Now you can login with your set username and password. Click on dashboard on top right. Scroll down, See the user options on right side. Now you can see all adds posted by you, New leads, comments by people interested in.

Last you can logout of this portal.